Thursday, February 11, 2010

It seemed like the "Mom" thing to do....

So after many requests from friends and family, I have finally caved..... I am not promising much, as I will most likely forget to update frequently, but hey you gotta start small. So it is with great anticipation and excitement (sarcastic tone necessary here) that I begin my first entry.....

I am not really sure what to write about, I guess you are just supposed to write what you are thinking on these things, right?? Should I go serious, deep, and thoughtful, or what I am more familiar with and keep it lighthearted..... lets keep it fun on the first entry (maybe that way I won't give people that "wow she is weird, and over-analyzes things way too much" thought, and can only hope for return customers.) That's the point, to keep people coming back for more!

So today we are "snowed-in" as us North Texians like to put it. With a couple inches of snow on the ground, people in North Texas freak out and start cancelling the days events. I guarantee you if you transported any of us to D.C. right now, we would not survive, not for a second. I used to say that I just loved winter, Mark would tell me that is because I had never lived in a place where they actually had a true winter, I think he is right (I wont tell him that, because lets face it, telling a man that they are right-bad idea girls). Anyways staying true to my Texas roots, I cancelled my appointment at the gym today, thinking it was not a good idea to get out with the little nugget in this weather, even though it has actually been colder the last two days, and I didn't think twice about it. Whatever, my body is sore as sore gets, and I think I deserve a little break, after all the sweat I have poured onto that place (literally) the past few months. Also, my little sweet Myles has a runny nose, and I have a dirty house, so what better reason to stay in. Which brings me to my next point, why did I decide to start a blog today, the same day i told myself I was going to clean the house.... I'll admit it, I tend to procrastinate... you know finding other things that you deem productive, rather than doing the things that actually need to be done. Point and case as to why I always had a clean house in college during finals, cleaning over studying sounded like the better choice!

I guess I need to do the typical "I'd like for you to meet my family", and thus the reasoning as to why I sat down this morning to start my blog... I should add that I have also been (self) diagnosed with ADD, my mom never believed me, but again college was all the proof I needed. I actually sat down this morning to start this blog about my family and the fun new happenings with Myles, but got side-tracked as I looked out the window and saw huge, puffy, snowflakes-which is why I started writing about the snow.... (ADD-yes, I think so)

So back to my family, I am married to the most prefect man in the whole world, he is my best friend (my best "boy" friend, Em, don't get your panties in a wad) and I have loved every second of married life. We got off to a quick start and had Myles Robert Pryor (MR. P as he is known on the streets) on July 13th, 2009, a week shy of our first wedding anniversary, what can I say, I do things at my pace.... Myles is the best little guy in the world. It's crazy how much I love that kid, it all makes sense now... my mom (shout out to Jana Beth) would always say "you'll understand one day when you have kids," she was right-I get "it" now, and it is the best feeling in the world. Also, we musn't forget Maximus, he is the pretty much the most aweasome dog ever. That's all I will say about him for now, and stay tuned for some pics of him.